Monday, 23 April 2012

Props and Costume.

We used different props and costumes our film taking into consideration that they can be used to represent characters and their job (influenced from research).

Sasha - all black clothing which includes leggings, t-shirt. This is specifically used when she is retreiving the secret information from the laptop. By wearing all black it disguises her and makes her less noticeable when completing the mission as it is a dark room. This is stereotypically associated with burglars too.
Jumper and boots - were used to cover up the all black clothing by adding variation which makes her appear like a normal citizen. This is used so she doesn't look suspicious and will get away with retreiving the secret information.
Sasha's character profile states that she is taking a beauty course as it is something she is interested in and represents this by her appearence. Also by the dialogue too as she is doing the mission because she needs new hair extenstions. She mostly goes against stereotypes of the 'dumb blonde' which we also picked up on in our research that hair colour can represent personality too.
Annabelle - is dressed in normal clothes such as leggings, top and green cardigan. This is done purposefully because she is supposed to look like a regualar citizen throughout the piece, therefore doesn't have any costume changes. However, she is mostly the opposite of Sasha's character as she wears her hair up and glasses which is similar to a character in our research. It represents her as more of a geek because she is in the mission for money so she can buy books for herself.

We used several props in our film as it was essential for some aspects of it.
In the mission Sasha uses a bumbag as opposed to her big one. This is done specifically because it is easier to carry as she needs to be quick and able to move around easily. Also it is a dark colour which matches her all black outfit and is used for the same purposes as that (disguise).
We also used a laser in the part where she is retriving the information. This makes the building more high tech and is a realistic way they would protect secret information as initially we wanted a room full of them. We realised it wouldn't be necessary and one laser would be sufficient because Sasha then has to spray to make it appear.
There is a lot of use of mobile phones. This makes it more realistic as they need a good source of communicatuon between each other when doing a secret mission as they all urgently need to get in contact with each other. Therefore it is a necessity in the film and we include a couple of phone conversations.
Also, we used a memory stick.This is a key aspect of our film as the information gets downloaded onto Sasha's memory stick and they all become worried when they have to place into a strangers bag because it is very important. Also we chose to include a memory stick as oppose to something like a disk because it is more up to date technology and more common therefore makes it more realistic and high tech.

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